About us

The inspiration to start We Will Teach You League came from our deep passion for the game and a desire to help others enjoy League of Legends as we do – as an enriching competitive hobby. We believe that every League of Legends player should have access to coaching content that gets results and a high-quality, non-toxic community.

Meet the team

Coach Curtis

Co-founder & Chief Mid Lane Officer

Curtis started as a pro player in season 4 and then coached professionally for Dire Wolves between 2017 and 2019For the last 4 years he has been refining his craft and finding out the most effective way to teach the Mid Lane role at all ranks – while maintaining Challenger from Season 3  to Season 13.

His approach centers around champion mastery, fundamentals, and equipping clients with the skills to learn on their own. What differentiates Curtis from other coaches is his understanding of the psychology behind performing and improving. 

Nathan Mott

Co-founder & Chief Jungle Officer

Nathan started as a pro player in season 3 before starting his own esports team, the Dire Wolves, and competing internationally from 2014 to 2019. Since then, he has been coaching Jungle full-time through the Saltu (now Jungle Academy) program.

Nathan believes in a practical approach to improvement. The principles he has taught over the last four years are the same ones that he personally used to reach challenger in multiple seasons, from Season 3 to Season 13.

Charlie Wraith

Co-founder & Director of Last Hitting

Charlie has been coaching League of Legends across all roles since 2016, coaching professionally in multiple teams and reaching MSI as a Head Coach in 2021. Since 2023, he has been working directly with Nathan in the Jungle Academy and Broken by Concept.

He has reached Master or Grandmaster in all five roles, showcasing an understanding of what it takes to win League of Legends games. Charlie loves exploring new ways of teaching the game, and prefers a no-bullshit approach to climbing and improvement.

Tim 'Mysterias' Vaarties

End of Review Architect

Tim has been coaching League of Legends for the past two years, mentored by Curtis himself. He has reached EUW Challenger as a mid laner and has successfully helped clients reach their desired rank, from level 30 to Challenger. Tim has also played for and coached several ERL teams.

Tim’s coaching style balances supplying clients with new information while asking the right questions to help them figure out concepts themselves. He aims to help each client become the best version of themselves, on and off the rift.

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